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Did prom rejection push killer over the edge?

Six days before he killed his classmates, Eric Harris tried to get a date to the prom. But the girl turned him down.

"I hadn’t planned on going to the prom. It was late notice," said Brandi Tinklenberg, a junior at Columbine High School. "It was nothing against Eric. He was always really sweet to me."It wasn’t the only rejection Harris endured that week. The next day, he was turned down by the Marines because of medical reasons.

In the days after the shooting, Brandi wondered if she somehow helped drive Harris to his dark side.

"I did wonder if I made him more upset about life. But he had it planned for a long, long time," Brandi said. "My friends have made me realize it was nothing I did that made him upset. He was already upset about life."

Brandi said she and Harris were in the same video productions class. Whenever she walked into class, he’d smile and say hello.

On April 14, a girl in the class approached Brandi. “She said Eric was interested in going with me to the prom and ‘Are you interested?’ I said, ‘No, not really.’ “

Harris watched from the other side of the room. “It was kind of odd that he had somebody ask me when he was right there. I figured maybe he was too shy or embarrassed.”

Brandi said she felt bad after she said no “because I thought he was a nice guy. I was always comfortable around him.”

Brandi said she saw Harris in her video productions class two or three more times before the shootings. “When I would walk in, he would turn his head the other way,” she said.

The two never spoke again.

vanesacristiana: What are some interesting facts about the Columbine tragedy?



  • It was supposed to be a bombing
  • They were only in the library for 7 minutes (tbh most interesting/mindblowing/sad thing to me)
  • Anybody they spoke to they let live (Bree Pasquale, John Savage, Evan Todd - they spoke to Valeen Schnurr but that was after she was shot but she lived so they didn’t let her live but yeah LOL)
  • Eric’s shotgun recoiled after he shot Cassie Bernall and it broke his nose
  • All together (with both guns) Eric shot 121 times; Dylan shot 67
  • They both had knives with them and said they wanted to use them but didn’t
  • Eric’s shirt said ‘Natural Selection’ on it and Dylan’s said ‘Wrath’
  • Eric took his trenchcoat off almost right when the shooting began but Dylan kept his on until they got to the library
  • They taped match strikers to their arms so that they could light their bombs easier
  • Daniel Mauser grabbed Eric’s legs while he was under the table
  • Dylan shot Patrick Ireland in the head twice; he escaped by climbing out of the library window
  • The shooting only lasted 50 minutes
  • Richard Castaldo and Anne Marie Hochhalter were paralyzed and have been in wheelchairs ever since
  • They lit a Molotov cocktail before they died
  • Eric shot himself in the roof of his mouth; Dylan shot his left temple
  • Dylan did not die right away; he aspirated blood in his lungs
  • Eric and Dylan’s parents sent apology letters to every victim’s families


Eric’s parents.

Eric’s mom is Bonnie Wright OMG

“Everyone I love, I’m really sorry about all this. I know my mom and dad will be just like.. just fucking shocked beyond belief. I’m sorry, all right. I can’t help it.”

“Everyone I love, I’m really sorry about all this. I know my mom and dad will be just like.. just fucking shocked beyond belief. I’m sorry, all right. I can’t help it.”

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Fuck me / Die me

The Many Goodbyes of Dylan Klebold (Part 2)

2 (poems) Fuck me / Die me

Soon I will be at peace I hope…

…wanna die and be free w/ my love… if..she even exists.

If by fate’s choice, [redacted] didn’t love me, I’d slit my wrist and blow up atlanta strapped to my neck. It’s good, understanding a hard road since my realization, but it get’s easier. BUT IT DOESN’T! That’s part of existence. unpredictable. Existence is pure hell and pure heaven all the same time.

I will go away soon, but I just had to write this to you, the one I truly loved. Please, for my sake, don’t tell anybody, as it was only meant for you. Also, please don’t feel any guilt about my soon to be “absence” of this world. It is solely _my_ decision: nobody elses.

I want to go to a new existence you know what I mean (Suicide? _y_) I have nothing to live for and I won’t be able to survive in this world after this legal conviction. However, if it was true that you loved me as I do you,…I would find a way to survive. Anything to be with you. I would enjoy life knowing that you loved me.

Well, I guess this is it — goodbye & I love(d) you.

This is probably my last entry. I love myself a close second to [redacted] my everlasting love. goodbye.

I hate this non-thinking stasis. I’m stuck in humanity. maybe Going NBK (gawd) w. eric is the way to break free. i hate this. Love You.

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(tomorrow holds such better days)

KATE: He had scars on his hands from graft-versus-host. I could feel them when we were holding hands.
ANNA:Was that weird?
KATE: It was kind of like we matched. 


Vintage Circus “Freaks”

Ofcourse depicting people who are different as “bizarre” or “scary” is outdated and considered offensive today. 

“People hated him. He felt it probably more than others because he was a really intelligent kid. They’d throw cigarettes at us out of cars as we walked past.”
—  Brooks Brown talking about Eric Harris (via mrs-ericharris)