About Columbine and the fandom

(Like always, sorry if I have a grammatical errors or something is not correct… my english still bad. )

Someone questioned the next in a facebook group: "how many people are here today as supporters for the ACTUAL meaning of Columbine and not just here to gush over Eric & Dylan orrrr the fact That They shot guns …. just wondering cause? I mean, I actually left for Tumblr how pathetic it was getting … "

Is true that more than half of the reblogs in tumblr about Columbine are of teenagers who don’t stop to say “ooh bbys!, they are so hot, fuck meee!”… but I also believe there are excellent informative blogs of the case that not only 
focus on rebloging the same things as others and bring new knowledge and theories to the case.

I’m surprised how quickly moves a photo of the boys “smiling” (It happened to me yesterday when I upload the worst image-set of my life and today has almost 150 reblogs)… at a note theorizing about the case. But I lying if I said that I’ve never had a fangirl thoughts towards them. Although, personally, I never hang a necklace with a picture of Dylan Klebold or would use a photo of Eric Harris like a facebook cover, but maybe someone else does.. every person lives their admiration like knows how. And it’s ok.

I think the fandom - if it can be called that - keeps alive in a way the memory of Dylan and Eric (even, Tom Klebold knows of the existence of the “columbiners” and he surprised about it with “joy” and strangeness).

The boys knew they had followers, but I don’t think they expected to have “fans” (and less, fangirls). In all themes, always are people who admire just the fact and always are those who don’t settle for that and is dedicated to researching more . The Columbiners can bother us sometimes, but something it’s true: 15 years later, Eric and Dylan are still “alive”. And much of that is thanks to them.

Is my thought, mind you…

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